Video: In the Mood for Tuna / by zhaophotography

Our love for food knows no bounds.  This film short is easily the most epic project we've ever been a part of and we were incredibly lucky to have been able to work with our friends Sarah and Dan Krusen-Chen- our favorite videography/photography team of all time.  We've been a big fan of Sarah's videography and editing style for a while now.  All of her videos make me want to get married again just to have her shoot our wedding.  So when we started advancing in the contest we realized we would likely have to film the dreaded video challenge.  And to our surprise, they happily obliged when we asked them for help.  (read: they were easily seduced by Jared's cooking!) Over the course of several meals together, we started churning out crazy ideas such as purposefully faking some bad dubbing, our dog driving a car through a window and levitating ingredients.  Seriously.  Well these were mostly Dan's ideas!! Fortunately, it all slowly molded into an artsy/moody foodie film short featuring a very sensuous culinary dish.  Ooh la la! Borrowing heavily from the film noir stylings of Wong Kar Wai's (王家衛) In the Mood for Love and 2046, we embarked on this crazy journey to tell the tale of a Smoked Tuna Tataki Trapped in Walnut Smoke.  I've never laughed so hard at the two of us being so ridiculous!

In the Mood for Tuna

In the Mood for Tuna from Sarah Krusen on Vimeo.

Shot by Sarah and Dan Krusen-Chen Edited by Sarah Krusen-Chen

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Sarah Krusen-Chen Videographer and Editor

A little on the conception of this dish: Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Smoked Tuna Tataki

The dish was inspired by an amuse bouche we had at Iggy's in Singapore.  Jared had also recently picked up a large block of chu-toro from our friends Jeff and Kevin (thanks guys!)  With tuna of this quality, less is always more.

Infusing Asian and seasonal flavors, Jared created a marinade of sake, soy sauce, walnut oil and ginger for the chu-toro.

Smoked Tuna Tataki, Ingredients

After a quick marinade, a hot sear on each side of the tuna was just the perfect touch.  A puff pastry base was used for added texture and wasabi and mayo were piped around the tuna to give this dish an added kick.  And well, adding a piece of gold leaf on top doesn't hurt either ;)

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Since walnut oil was used to marinate the tuna, walnuts were torched for the smoke element.  The oily nut releases a milder sweet smoke which was a perfect combination to the rest of this dish.  It also captured the aroma of late fall evening- can you imagine a little bonfire in a forest?  He encapsulated the smoke in a glass and placed it over the dish.  The trapped smoke lightly infused into the fatty tuna and goes perfect with the salty and briny caviar.

Smoking Walnuts

And a couple more gratuitous photos of Jared's Smoked Tuna Tataki...

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke